The executive condominiums, or ECs, are a different type of housing structure in Singapore. They have a lot to offer people of all social classes. Housing & Development Board of Singapore distributes executive condominiums, which can be bought and occupied only by Singaporeans. According to the property laws, a foreigner cannot purchase an HDB executive condo or flat (at the least during the first 10 year period). These housing options are ideal for Singaporeans who want to enjoy a happy and comfortable life. See Grand Dunman showflat to get more info.

Executive condominiums (ECs) or ECs are for professionals

Professionals in the city want to be able to commute to work without spending hours, money and effort. The executive condominiums located in the various business districts and industries of the state-city will allow professional executives to live near their places of work. It will allow them to save time that they can spend with the family, or other important pursuits.

Executive condos (ECs) or ECs are for retired people.

Recent retirees often move away from cities to enjoy a quieter life, free of the bustle and noise of urban life. Additionally, many recently retired individuals want to move from large homes to smaller ones in order to save money. The ideal solution for these people is executive condominiums. The suburbs are quiet and peaceful, while also helping to reduce expenses. ECs of Singapore offer a perfect post-retirement environment in a city, with their lush green scenery and healthy atmosphere.

Condominiums executives or ECs are available for families

Due to their location and facilities, executive condos such as Signature at Grand Dunman can offer families a wealth of benefits. These executive condos are located in prime areas, which offer great educational opportunities and allow for families to easily access essentials. The ECs are also a great way to experience the Singaporean city lifestyle at minimal costs. ECs are very affordable and the costs of living in Singapore have been reduced. This allows for people to significantly save money.