The West has swayed us and we are now moving in that direction. That’s not true. You must search within yourself to discover true love, happiness and fulfillment. On you can learn more.

Ayahuasca Peru shows us our true picture, which is only possible through years and years of focused meditation. Luxury Ayahuasca is considered more strategic because it reveals the true reason you are who you are. Ayahuasca retreats are very practical, and when you learn the purpose of your stay here you will be able to better handle daily life.

Luxury Ayahuasca Retreats helps us love and appreciate the true feeling and nature of consciousness, which are beyond the limits of our 3-dimensional reality. Also, they help us appreciate and love life. Ayahuasca in Peru can be a transformative experience.

Ayahuasca San Pedro Retreat ceremony:

There are six different Ayahuasca techniques that the Amazonian expert shamans perform with their assistant translators. These techniques are listed below.

Volcanic Medicinal Drink- Water is a natural mineral mixture that helps to detoxify the body and strengthens its immune system. It also aids in cleaning the stomach, the esophagus as well as the intestines.

Cleaning of negative energies – Before consuming Ayahuasca it is necessary to purify and cleanse the negative energies that are caused by bad vibrations, spiritual feelings and karma.

Reading Coca-Leaf- We can diagnose and counsel ourselves, as well as use it for oracles, guidance and other purposes. This is important in identifying the problem, gaining a deeper understanding of the issue and completing the healing process.

Ayahuasca Peru Ceremony: This ritual transforms your heart and mind, and heals any wounds in one’s soul. The blood is also purified, allowing for a deeper psychological, spiritual and physical release.

Flower Bath – Attracts positive energies and magical powers, as well as bringing protection from negative energy.

Offer to Pachanama – We offer our prayers for improvement in life, well being, health and love. We are also grateful for the gifts we received and all of our current possessions.