The study of mushrooms and their use to improve health is one of the most recent innovations in medicine. The studies began in Asia and have now made their way to the West. For a variety of reasons, doctors recommend different types of mushrooms to their patients. Find out what mushrooms can do for your health and whether you could benefit. Read more now on soulcybin review

Mushrooms have properties which help to strengthen your immune system and ward off illness. Many mushrooms also possess anti-pathogenic properties and can inhibit tumor growth. Certain types of mushrooms are beneficial for other diseases.

Cordyceps-infused mushrooms are good for many illnesses. It is a great way to help asthmatics reduce their inhaler usage. The extract is believed to also have anti-depressive effects, increase insulin sensitivity for those with Type 2 diabetes mellitus, and protect liver damage.

In order to protect the digestive system and bone marrow of those who have radiation damage, a study was conducted on mice. Although it is not known if this works in humans. To reap the benefits of Cordyceps, you must take 2,000 mg per day.

Red Reishi supplements containing 1,600 mg per day can lower cholesterol by up to 40%. However, it may take three to four weeks to notice any drastic changes. The supplement has been shown to boost immunity and liver health. Red Reishi supplementation also improves circulation in patients.

Coriolus is a mushroom that cancer patients should choose for their supplements. Coriolus supplements containing two to three thousand mg per day have been shown to increase tumor control and the survival rate. The supplement is effective in treating colon, lung and breast cancers.

Both Maitake and Agaricus Blazei mushrooms are used for immunity and anti-tumor purposes. Both mushrooms are recommended at a dose of 800 milligrams to increase immunity and 2 000 to 3000 milligrams to control tumors.

Though each mushroom supplement comes with a suggested dosage, it is best to take them twice daily, one in the morning and another at night. These supplements will be more effective and better absorbed if taken half an hour prior to meals, on an empty stomach.

Talk to your doctor about any new supplements you are considering. It is vital to ensure that the extracts contained in the product are at a safe level before you buy it. You should also make sure that the product you buy contains real extracts and not synthetic, fake ingredients. Your doctor will be able to discuss which supplements are best for you and prescribe or recommend a brand name that is beneficial.