Car ownership is second only to a home as a major investment. One would undoubtedly want their ride to remain in as perfect a state as possible. Paintwork maintenance is equally important, as is maintaining your auto’s engine. Paintwork condition is an indication of how well-maintained the car, and more importantly, by the owner. Paintwork in perfect condition can be a selling point, since it gives the impression that your vehicle is well-maintained and fetches higher prices. The NearU Mobile Auto Detailing tips will restore your automobile to optimum condition while reducing the cost.

Pour into a pail a liberal amount of either dishwashing or car wash detergent. It is important to remember that dishwashing products are effective at removing oil and grime. Additionally, they can also be gentle on your paint. Your car should be washed from the top down, even into small areas. You should only use microfibers to avoid the fine scratches caused by using rags.

Following the washing process, claying takes place. Spray an affected area with the carwash mixture. Once you have sprayed the car wash mixture, use a little piece of mud that you are able to hold in your hands and gently rub over it. The top portion of the vehicle should be rubbed in an up-and-down motion. Sides of the automobile can also benefit from this technique. Rub until you are satisfied that the paint is smooth. After washing off the clay from your car, you should thoroughly rinse it with clean water.

To further reduce the appearance of hairline fractures, apply polish. Polish an area with circular motions in the upper area, side section of car and finish by using up and down motions. Most polish companies recommend the use of this polishing procedure. Then, using a second 100% cotton cloth to wipe off the dried product after it has dried. Repeat each step up to 3 times.

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