EFT, which stands for Emotional Freedom Therapy, is one of many methods to gain quick breakthroughs for a wide range mental and emotional conditions. Scientists are beginning to realize that it is all in your mind. Our thoughts have the ability to control our emotions as well as our physical health. In order to know yourself better and own yourself better, you need to know about 333 meaning in law of attraction

When our body or mind becomes dysfunctional, we are notified by the body through symptoms. The symptoms could be unrelated or unrelated to the aches, heartaches, and pains we experience. Modern medicine has a tendency to focus on the cause and not the effects. EFT is a natural and effective way to reduce stress.

EFT is a method of acupuncture in which key points, or tapping points, cause a chain of energy to have the effect cleaning out the problem and removing it. This is contrary to traditional therapy, psychiatry and other forms of psychotherapy where the client is asked for a history back to their earliest memories.

Gary Craig, an engineer from Stanford, began research very early in life in personal development methods. EFT, which was previously called Thought Field Therapy. (or TFT), was developed in the early nineties by Roger Callahan. Dr. Callaghan was using the new Emphasis for Energy medicine rather than allopathic (drug based).

EFT tapping point are a collection of algorithms or procedures that you can follow. By simply tapping, you release energy and blockages along the way.

Amazing cases of stress relief have been reported with those suffering from mental trauma such long-term, such as the Vietnam War veterans, victims in child abuse and accidents, and people who are generally afraid. It is evident that we know only a portion of what goes on in the mind.

Emotional Freedom Technique can be seen as one of those disciplines that has a tradition of sharing. It was created by Gary Craig, who made huge amounts of information online, at no cost to the practitioners. It is completely free of any drug use or challenge with alternative medicine, which makes it relatively safe from the interference of the medical industry. The alarming rate at which herbal medicines are being removed from the shelves is a sign that this cannot be said for herbal remedies.