Students can enjoy the best of both dorms and community colleges. You can live independently while still receiving a quality education. In 2000, there were 225 institutions that offered residential arrangements. The number of such institutions had risen to 391 by 2012. Residents of community colleges offer many advantages for students who are contemplating their options after highschool. If you want to be successful and get the best solution in going to college, you need to work with junior colleges

The Commute is Cut

For older students, who may have families or work, it is not a problem to commute to classes. For young students, however, it can be difficult to commute for both the cost and time. Community colleges that have dorms can help students cut down on commute time and lower their expenses.

Save Money

A four-year school is a wonderful experience. Many 18-year olds aren’t sure what major to choose. A residential junior college allows students to take basic classes and still enjoy the social benefits of living on campus. At two-year colleges, tuition and room and breakfast tend to be less expensive than at other schools. Students can also transfer their credits to four years state colleges and universities, which are common in many states.

Enjoy Athletics

If you aren’t able to make it at a four year school for athletics, there are community colleges with dorms. These facilities allow you to compete and attend practices without the need to drive. Because these schools have living spaces, they are able to recruit outside of their local talent pool. This allows local student athletes to compete with international talent. For students who have finished their high school education, they can apply for a place at a four-year college.

Find a new place to live

Many students want to move to another city, but they might not get accepted at the schools they choose. Students can choose to live in dorms at community colleges. If they do not like the change they can transfer their credits to finish their educations at four year-colleges near home.

Get the College Experience

Students may wish to be employed immediately. Two-year degrees offer a faster path to employment. Students who live at home miss out on the benefits of being on campus. Students can choose residential two-year colleges to achieve their career goals quickly and still enjoy the benefits of student life on campus.