The field of cosmetic droopy eyelid surgery is vast, but we can tell you one thing: Asian eyelids surgery has the same variety as all other types. For best results, your surgeon must customize it to your specific goals, needs, and facial structure.

Asian blepharoplasty refers to a specific type of surgery that is designed to improve eyelid contours in Asian individuals. Asian blepharoplasty does not follow a standard procedure. Human eyes are diverse, so to think that each eyelid can be treated the same is simply ignorant.

A few people are misinformed about the Asian Double Eyelid Surgery and believe that the goal is to “Westernize” the eye. The treatment does not aim to “westernize” the eye. Instead, it aims to improve the existing natural structure of the eyelids.

To achieve the best possible results, it is important to use a minimally-invasive procedure that conserves as much of your natural tissue as you can. Faster recovery times, more natural and accurate results are possible with less aggressive but well-controlled surgery.

How can I locate the best Asian Eyelid Surgeons?

There is no one technique that is successful for Asian eyelid surgeries, and the best plastic surgeons never claim that it is. Most qualified eye plastic surgeons will inform you of the best treatment options for your specific facial structure, eyelid contour and treatment goals. Your doctor is committed to achieving the best results for you.

Your doctor must have extensive expertise in treating different eye concerns. Select a surgeon who can demonstrate versatility and a track record for natural outcomes. These photos will help you determine if your surgeon is capable of individualized treatment.

Your doctor should have a solid educational background and fellowship, along with years of expertise in medical eyelid surgery such as blepharoplasty and ptosis. Experts in the treatment of aesthetic facial issues will ensure that eyelid surgery blends well with other aspects of your face.