Columbia University has recently published research that shows women have a higher risk of developing dependency and their reasons for use differs from men. This study also found that women feel more guilt and shame about their substance abuse compared to men.

Substance Abuse among Women

According to the study, women said that they abused substances for social and mental reasons. These included depression, loneliness and lack of support. Study found women chose Oxycontin & Vicodin over Marijuana, Heroin, Ecstasy & Cocaine. If you’re looking for best drug rehab, please visit us for more information.

This study found alcohol abuse to be prevalent amongst women. Women are affected by substance abuse in vastly different ways. As an example, women tend to exhibit signs of substance abuse earlier than men. Women’s symptoms of substance abuse are much more serious than those experienced by men.

Alternative Treatments for Women

It has become difficult for women to access treatment because of their cultural and societal norms, family duties, etc. Women are often more reluctant to seek help, particularly when children are involved. Most women are scared of losing their child if they do not seek help.

There is an agreement that the addiction rates are higher in women who have come from families with drug and alcohol abuse. Women who have been introduced to substance abuse by a partner or spouse are also believed to be more likely than others.

The counseling strategy for addiction treatment in women is based on a therapy which focuses on past events, especially those that could be responsible for substance abuse. The sessions may include both individual and couple therapy, particularly in cases where drugs and alcohol have a prominent role.

We are here to help

To regain control of your own life, detoxification is a good first step. A medical detox can remove the toxic substances from your system caused by your alcohol or drug abuse. The process may last from a week to several days, depending upon the substance. When you’ve completed your detoxification program, it is important to enroll in an alcohol and drug rehab treatment that will help you maintain your sobriety. Outpatient and inpatient 12 step program options are offered.

If you are one of the many mothers who cannot get away from their child, an outpatient therapy program may suit your needs better. Think about all the options. The long-term health benefits of an inpatient rehab program can be beneficial to you and to your kids.