Teaching Tips For Your Kids And Electricity

It is very important that we teach children about electricity and how dangerous it can be.  Children are naturally curious about the world and if they see you sticking plugs into outlets, turning on lamps and doing other things with power, they will follow you.  This is why electrical services hemet can help you teach your children how to use electricity responsibly. 

When building your house, you will have a team from a company such as Mission Electrical Contractor come in and setup all of your outlets and switches as well as make sure that your lines are run correctly.  After that, it is up to you to use electricity responsibility.

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Outlet safety

You never want to stick fingers or metal objects into your outlets.  If you do, you could experience an electrical charge or shock. 

Keep metal and other objects out of devices such as toasters and other electrical devices.  If we start to tamper with these devices we can complete a circuit which sends an electrical charge through your body.  This charge can shock you or if really intense, can possibly kill you.

Stay away from power lines and poles

You want to stay away from power lines that you see on the ground or any cables that are hanging from power poles.  If you see a power pole, don’t try to climb it or do anything else to it.  These are typically away from the road and in a spot that people won’t need to visit, so stay away from them and you won’t have issues with power.

Cover unused power outlets

They make power caps that you can place into power outlets.  These caps are made of plastic and when installed will prevent plugs or other items to be placed within them.  This is very important since kids like to explore and stick things where they don’t belong.

Talk to your kids

Make sure that you talk to your kids about power and electricity.  When you explain to them what is going on, they will learn quickly and increase the odds of them being safe.