Are Dental Implants Right For You?

Dental implants offer an amazing alternative to dentures for anyone missing teeth from their mouth. And while most people find dental implants impressive, they are not right for every need. Are dental implants right for you? Learn more information about dental implants below.

Are You Healthy?

The right candidate for a dental implant procedure is healthy and not overweight. This person also does not smoke or consume alcohol. The procedure is safe for most people but these things can change that a bit. Talk to your dentist to learn more.

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The Cost of it All

Dental implants are not covered by dental insurance, so prepare to pay for them out of pocket. The cost can be pretty extensive, with some implants cost as much as $5,000 each. Are you prepared to cover the cost of implants and any procedures necessary to prepare for the procedure?

The Time Period

Dentures are a fast solution that can provide you with an alternative set of ‘teeth’ in a matter of days. Dental implants do not work like dentures and so, they take considerably longer to complete. Some patients require as long as one year of service to complete the procedure.

The Right Dentist

There are many surgeons who offer dental implants but some are more expensive than others or simply provide las cluster service. Learn more about your options by reading dental implants reviews in New Port Richey, through word of mouth, and other information available online on social media sites and other locations.

Talk to a Dentist to Learn More About Dental Implants

Dentists offer consultations for patients interested in replacing a missing tooth or teeth with dental implants. During a consultation, you will learn more about implants and whether they are suited for your needs. It is a time to ask the dentist questions and get answers and more.