So you’re one of those players who spend lots of time going over poker strategy and player stats to gain as much info as you possibly can, only to suffer a bad beat and miss out on the big cash. No matter how hard you train yourself to be a better poker player something always seems to get in the way of that big payoff. This can be frustrating for players who dedicate a lot of their time to the game, and we all know that the edge in no limit holdem online is shrinking every day.

So what can a poker geek do to get a better edge over the competition so that the big payday will finally arrive? Well Bodog Poker has a way for you to not only improve your edge over the competition, but also send one lucky winner to the four biggest North American sporting events of the year. That’s right; you can put your poker skills to the test to win a trip to the Super Bowl, the World Series, the Stanley Cup final, and the NBA Finals. Bodog will also throw in an extra $500 spending money for each event in the package.

And that’s not all. There are also weekly prizes awarded that include a trip to an NCAA March Madness game, the U.S. Open Golf Championships, and a NASCAR event. Bodog also had a trip to a UFC Event as one of the weekly prizes, but that one has already been given to the lucky winner. And unlike most poker tournaments with prizes that big, you don’t have to beat an enormous field to win the dream trip package. All you have to do is qualify for the draw by finishing in the money in three cash sit-and-go tournaments before March 14.

It should be no problem for any poker geek to qualify for this draw. The spillover from the Bodog Sportsbook will make your sit-and-go edge much bigger than it usually is. Expect lots of novice sports bettors at your sit-and-go tables, especially at the lower to mid-stakes games. These players will be going all-in more than your drunken buddies at your local home game. All it will take will be some patience and a little bit of trapping strategy and you’ll have your name in the draw before you know it.

So here’s your chance for a dream prize without having to take on the best online players in the world. The winner will be drawn from the pool of qualifiers, and the stakes levels and volume of play will have nothing to do with determining the winner. Put your superior poker skills to work and earn your chance to make all that hard work pay off in a big way. Just imagine telling all your poker buddies that you’re the winner of a collection of trips that only the wealthiest of sports fans could afford to experience. Someone has to win it, why not you?

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